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We have discussed all important aspects of a wedding suit from fabric quality, to colour to styling. There is another important factor which is the cut of the suit. The “cut” of your suit makes a world of difference in the final look as well as the comfort of your suit. In this blog we […]

Tailor Made Wedding Suit – The Finer Details

A well fitted custom tailored suit exudes confidence, class and sophistication. There is a lot more to a perfectly tailored suit than what meets your eye. There are some finer details that our wedding suits come with which will not only improve the finish of your suit but also increase life of your suit. Here are some […]

5 Reasons Why Our Clients Come Back For A Custom Tailored Suit

Our clients get addicted to tailor made suits for 5 simple reasons. Perfect Fit – custom tailored suits are made to your measurements which mean your suit will fit you perfectly. Off the rack suits are made based on standard measurements so it’s hard to find a suit that fits your perfectly. Custom tailored suit […]

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