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The CEO’s Guide to Business Suits

The CEO’s Guide to Business Suits Heading over for the crucial quarter-end meeting? Or is it a not-so-formal poolside plan meeting to discuss the next strategy of the company? Your start-up is blooming, and you are on your way to impress the next potential angel investor who might fuel your company’s growth. Whatever it is, […]

How to Choose a Wedding Suit?

Congratulations! If you are reading this blog, then chances are that your partner has said “Yes” to your magical proposal and you getting ready for the D-day! A lot of small and big details go into making your wedding a memorable one. While your partner might be taking care of most of the wedding planning […]

Why Should You Choose a Custom Made Wedding Suit?

If there’s one day on which you want to look your very best, it’s your wedding day. You can complement your bride by looking suave and sophisticated, and the key is your custom-tailored wedding suit. Because the bridesmaids will look gorgeous, your groomsmen need to look sharp, too, with their own custom made wedding suits. […]

Bentex Suits

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