Pick Edge Stitch

Pick Edge stitching refers to the hand finished perfectly detailed stitching that runs on the edge of lapel and jacket. Through this stitch your suit would look absolute and would have a rich finish. The differentiation of a good handmade stitch to the other is the proximity to the outer-edge of the suit. Pick edge stitching is also a sign of a good quality bespoke suit.
*Notice how this line of stitching continues on the underside of the lapel and follows the edge of the suit.

Arm Shields

Every Bentex bespoke jacket/blazer comes with an arm shield/sweat pad on the inside of the jacket which highly protects the tailored suit from perspiration and odour.

Functioning Button Holes

Functioning button holes or Working button holes can be found on our bespoke Suits. A working button hole is a sign of a high-quality suit and also that the suit is either bespoke or high-end. You may leave the last buttonhole undone, if you wish the world to know you are wearing a fine custom tailored suit.

Rubberized Waistband

For extra comfort and better grip of the shirt, our bespoke trousers are designed to have a rubber-waistband which prevents unsightly rolling.
Another little feature our Bespoke suit comes with!

Double Layered Hems

To protect the trouser from abrasion from the shoe or other wear and tear, we design our bespoke trousers to have a double layered patch. This detail helps give your trouser a better fall and longer life.

Crotch Liner

The crotch liner is another little detail our bespoke trousers come with! Crotch liner on trousers is usually put in place for comfort and to protect the crotch from moisture and to assist with longivity of your tailored trousers.


What is your suit saying? Monogramming is a classic way to personalize your Bespoke suit and we at Bentex suits help you make ‘your statement’. Though the art of monogramming has been around for centuries, however, today’s use is as much about personal expression as it is about identification
Tip: Have you wedding date monogrammed on your suit to give your wedding suit that extra little touch! This even may help you to remember your anniversary better!

Bentex Suits

Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers
23:22 15 May 18
Love my new suits and shirts from Bentex, great fit and quality thanks to Roshni's knowledge, skill and professionals service.
Oliver Pritchard
Oliver Pritchard
06:21 13 Apr 18
Roshni and Ajay, were a joy to work with. They were very professional and incredibly friendly at the same time. They worked within some tight time constraints, and managed my Groomsmen being abroad until days before the wedding. The suits are fantastic and I cannot thank you guys enough!! Olly
John Walker
John Walker
23:14 01 Mar 18
Fantastic, personalised service from someone who knows when to listen and when to suggest. Thanks !
Fahad Moain
Fahad Moain
07:50 09 Nov 17
I have been seeing Ajay and Roshni from Bentex for the last three years now. Every single time I am impressed with their consistent attention to detail to understanding my styling needs while keeping my budget in mind . Also their follow up is really amazing as is their fitting and fabric quality. I have recommended them to all my friends and colleagues!
Manuel Espindola
Manuel Espindola
01:24 19 Oct 17
I have bought 3 suits from Bentex Suits and they did a fantastic job making sure the suits fit me as I expected, the quality of the fabric is excellent. They also work fast as one of the suits was required by me quite fast, they did meassure and made modifications in less than a week. Very professional place tu buy from and excellent service.
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