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Elopement weddings are great opportunities to capture your wedding in picturesque outdoor destinations. Hence it’s all the more important to choose just the perfect wedding suit for men that would suit you outside and would help you tackle changing weather conditions and unexpected terrains. Now, here comes the big question: do you rent your men’s wedding suit or do you buy it off the shelf? Or better yet, do you go the bespoke route and look your possible best? If you ask us, the bespoke way is the smartest one to take, we will tell you why.

Why bespoke is better than buying or renting

If you buy a men’s suit and don’t get it altered or if you rent it, it is highly probable that you wouldn’t be getting a perfect fit at all. Each body is unique, and every man is shaped differently. Even if it’s two men with the same suit size, for one the suit might feel tight at the chest and for the other the sleeves might be too loose! Wouldn’t it turn out to be a disaster on your wedding day?

Suit up to buckle up for the weather

Not only is the venue of your wedding important, the weather and the season of the year play equally important roles as well. Is it cold or is it warm? Is it rainy or is it the fall season? You’ve to take these factors into account while deciding the nature of your wedding suit fabric. Here are our picks:

  1. Cold seasons

You would of course need a fabric that would block out the cold winds and keep you all warm and cosy inside. Don’t think that wearing clothes for the cold weather would dampen your desire to look dapper! Just pick the right fabric and accessorize yourself the right way. Our fabric choices are tweed and wool. Other great options are velvet and cashmere.

  1. Warm seasons

The choices are obvious for the warm seasons of the year: linen and cotton. You can also go with cotton blend fabrics for more durability as well.

The colour play

It’s a good idea to factor in and be mindful of what colour you will be going with for your wedding suit, depending on the location. The best bet might be the one which makes you feel the most comfortable in your own skin. However, this might not suitably apply to every case. 

We recommend colours that would stick out when you have the backdrop of a natural landscape. Create contrast with your colours. Some of our picks are burgundy and dark blue, which tend to stand out in natural landscapes. If you want to harmonise and blend in, then earth tones would be your go-to choice, such as brown, taupe, and grey.

Wrapping it up

We at Bentex have a lot of tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you find not only your perfect elopement wedding suit but also a traditional one. Looking for a women’s wedding tuxedo or a women’s wedding suit instead? Don’t fret as we have got them covered too! Just visit us at CBD or Castle Hill.

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