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Has it been several months of you working from home? For some it has even been more than a year sweating it out within those 4 walls. We probably have reached the brink of taking it all and just want to escape to some place where we don’t have frequent restrictions and lockdowns. Don’t we all desperately want it? The pandemic has done that to all of us, and we can’t wait for it to go away for good. 

One adverse effect of lockdowns and the work from home culture that is often overlooked is worsening health, especially the spine because of ill postures and lack of physical activity. It’s the worst idea to just slump to your bed and do everything there from the moment you wake up to the moment you wrap up your day. It’s not a good idea at all to eat, sleep, work, and repeat, all on your bed. Here we give you some tips on how to tackle this head-on.

Design a Designated Workplace

Work from home will be here for the foreseeable future, hence we recommend you to invest in a good chair that ergonomically supports your back. Also, take some time out from your schedule to design a designated workplace at your home, preferably at a place where it isn’t too chaotic or noisy. You can convert a corner of your room for your designated workplace, with a work table, a good chair, some decor of your choice, and warm lighting.

Bring in Some Discipline

In more ways than one, the work from office style used to maintain some discipline in your life. You had designated times for everything: from your work, to of course meetings, and even the lunch hours which helped you keep a disciplined life. And your manager or boss might have felt a little annoying one time or the other, but they helped you remain accountable for your work and overall discipline, something which is absent when you are working from home. 

Divide your whole day into bite-sized chunks. Maybe keep 30 minutes solely for breakfast, 1 hour or so for lunch, and keep 30-45 minute periods for focused work. You can tweak this as per your own requirements but you get the gist. It is also a good idea to seize 5 or 10 minutes for a quick coffee break or simply a break every 1-2 hours or so. 

You don’t need to worry about the daily commute to work and other things that used to suck more of your time in your work from office days. With the additional time at your hand, you can engage in hobbies that you hadn’t indulged in for a long time. You can also do some extra gigs related to things of your interest and earn some extra bucks at the same time. Make it compulsory to squeeze in some exercise in your schedule as well to ensure good blood circulation in your body.

Suit (up) Yourself

Take care of yourself, your hygiene, and your appearance as well. When you are working from morning to evening, remaining confined to the four walls of your room, then the upkeep of your appearance takes a backseat, understandably. But we are here to tell you that it’s not necessary to be this way, not recommended even. Good hygiene and appearance are some of the significant factors that help you be in a good mood, which also reflects in your work and other aspects of life.

If you ask us, if you used to attend meetings in formal shirts or business suits at the office, then you can dress up dapper even in your work from home environment. If a suit is just too much for you, then you can stick to men’s collared shirts and linen pants. It might even sound silly at first, but dressing up appropriately for an occasion mentally prepares you for it too. What’s more? You’ll look all crisp and presentable when you join on video conferences or impromptu calls. You can also keep it comfortable by wearing formal cotton or Oxford shirts and chinos. 

Signing Off

Thinking of updating your work from home wardrobe? Look nowhere else. Bentex has a wide collection that would suit you just perfectly. Whether it’s men’s linen shirts, men’s linen pants, men’s chinos, or men’s business suits, we have got you covered. You can visit us at the Castle Hill or CBD showroom.

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