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Tweed is a classic that you can wear any time of the year, whether it’s summer, winter or autumn. However, since it’s a thick fabric made of wool, it’s particularly handy to keep you warm in the cold season. Men’s tweed suits, tweed blazers or tweed pants, there are great bespoke options with us at Bentex that you can explore. Here we will guide you how you can pull off tweed clothing with savviness.

What in the world is tweed?

Tweed came into existence for the first time in the early nineteenth century in Scotland. It was woven in a location near the Tweed river, but unlike what you might conclude, it’s name didn’t come from there. It’s said that someone misspelt tweel weave as tweed weave, which is how it got its name today.

Tweed has many patterns to offer: plain, herringbone, twill and check. The plain pattern, as the name suggests, is woven out of same-coloured fabrics. But this is not as simple as you might think. Albeit the same colour, fabrics of different tones and shades are chosen and hence the tweed gets more depth and texture. Now let’s take a look at the various ways you can don the tweed look.

Casual conversations

This look is great for the twilight hours where you’re out having drinks with your mates or for that special dinner with your date. The colours complement the evening shades well and according to us are a great choice. For this look, you can wear a grey tweed blazer, a dark-shaded blue pocket square, and of course a crisp white dress shirt. You can opt for tweed pants or some other material as well. This is definitely an expressive but not an overbearing look.

Corporate classic

You can opt for a three piece tweed in cold seasons, with a grey jacket, vest and tie as well. Complete the look with a white dress shirt and grey pants. 

Brunch and lunch

For an occasion like this, you surely want to look geared up and ready but you definitely don’t want to look too dressed up. Hence, you can ditch the tie and pocket square for this one but opt for a great light blue dress shirt complemented with a dark blue tweed jacket to create an appealing contrast. Beige pants nicely complete this casual look. 

Casual business

For this you can opt for the go-to white dress shirt, or you can take it up a notch by wearing a faded blue dress shirt instead. It will be highlighted from underneath when you don a brown jacket on top. Brown belongs to the warm palette and blue belongs to the cool one. Despite being opposite on scale, they pair up nicely for a great contrast here. You can keep this look balanced and strike an appearance without overdoing it by adding a neutral tone to the mix: grey pants. 

Everything else

For anything else, you can don a checkered tweed blazer of any sober or neutral colour. This will go well with almost all occasions. For dress shirts and pants, you can play it safe with white or any pastel colours like beige.

Why don’t you get your next tweed men’s suit, men’s pants, or blazer tailored with us at Bentex? We promise to make you spoilt for choices at our showrooms in CBD and at Castle Hill.

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