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With more than three years of Australia legalising same-sex marriage, more than 15,000 couples have tied the knot since, and we feel glad to play a small part in their happiness. We strive to keep going with this inclusivity in the services we provide, here at Bentex.

Apart from making high-quality bespoke wedding suits and tuxedos for men, we stitch up the most exquisite of women’s tuxedos as well, to ensure you look and feel your best on the most cherished day of your life!

Here we give you the tips and tricks of making the most out of your women’s wedding tuxedo look.


The white and black colour combination would not only be classy and elegant, but both colours will also complement each other well! You can pair up the black tuxedo with a white shirt and a white pocket square. You don’t necessarily need to wear a tie or a bow tie with this look. The white tuxedo can be paired up with a pale pink pocket square. 

If one of you is going with the tuxedo, then a black or a charcoal one would obviously go best when the other bride is wearing an ivory women’s wedding dress. If you are planning to go with a white dress shirt, then bow ties are the best, followed by slim ties.

The rules of what to wear under the tuxedo are far more relaxed when it comes to women. You can even go with a tank or a cami if you don’t want to opt for a proper dress shirt. That would still work!

Pant Length

Your pant length depends on what footwear you are wearing. If you are opting for stilettos, then you can keep the length of the pants short. You can keep the length normal if you’re going for sneakers, lace up shoes or flats.


Black stilettos would go great, whether you are wearing a black or a white women’s tuxedo. You can even opt for a nude shade for the stilettos, they would work great too with a black tuxedo. You can pair the black tuxedo up with a nude cami too in that case.

Black patent leather oxfords are your safest and probably the most elegant go-to footwear to pair up your tuxedo with. You can also go with Venetian loafers.

Despite other widely available materials like calfskin and velvet, black patent leather is always our preferred choice for many reasons. With its characteristic smoothness and shine, black patent leather always stands out (in a good way), adding a cherry on top to your classy tuxedo look.


There’s one earring colour which would be absolutely perfect with both, white and black tuxedo. Moreover, it would of course look great with the ivory wedding dress too. And that’s gold. You can go with a simple, hooped, or whichever design you prefer.

You can wear a gold-coloured necklace or a pendant to complete the look.You can pair up your tuxedo with some beautiful pearl studs or simple gold studs as well. For cufflinks, you can go with small black ones.

Colour Choices 

After white and black as the classic colour combination, our next best pick is royal blue or navy blue. You can opt for a blue suit and a white dress shirt to go with the look.

Always Go with Bespoke

We can’t stress enough how important it is to get your tuxedo or suit custom made. You don’t want your sleeves to dangle from your arms, or your pants being too tight when the D-Day arrives. A custom-tailored suit or a tuxedo is not only made to measure according to your body shape and size, of course, but it also helps you look your absolute best in probably the most important event of your life. This helps you be confident in your own skin.

You can get a perfect women’s tuxedo or a suit, and even men’s wedding suits made just for you at Bentex Suits. You can either visit our CBD showroom or Castle Hill office, and we will take care of the rest!

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