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It’s time to strike a balance and harmony in the year 2021. A balance between hope and stability, between brightness and subtlety. The one thing we can take away from this pandemic for sure, is while it’s essential to have hope and positivity in life, it is equally important to have a degree of groundedness as well. The two colours that we have chosen represent exactly that. Not only do they present a pleasant contrast in any theme they are used in, they also balance out each other with equal amounts of vibrancy from pink and softness from blue.

Here is how you can use powder blue and blush pink (or any pale pink shade) in your wedding theme:

Powder Blue Suits

Powder blue looks subtle yet amazing in wedding suits for men. It’s a perfect colour scheme for spring summer. You can easily accessorize it with a royal blue tie or a bowtie and tan shoes with a matching tan belt. The colour scheme works beautifully for outdoor weddings such as garden weddings or beach weddings.

Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

If you want to go with the classic white or ivory wedding dress, you can still accessorize your wedding look with the wedding colour themes. How, you ask? You can just opt for a bouquet with blush pink flowers and it would be just enough to beautifully harmonise with the theme!

Incorporate Mojito and Cocktails!

Even keep your drinks matched with the wedding theme. There are so many cocktail options you can go with for this. Opt for a mojito if you’re planning for a wedding in the hot summer season, or even the classic Blue Lagoon that would perfectly add up to the blue in the theme. For pink, of course you have the classic Cosmopolitan or a strawberry sangria. The options become endless if you are a fan of gin in your drinks.

Flowers with the Flow

It wouldn’t add up if you keep the flowers in your bouquet of colours different than those of the wedding theme, right? Especially when you’ve so many blue and pink flower options for the wedding. Our favourite pick is the combination of pink peonies and blue pansies. You can also keep the ceremony arch adorned with a combination of blue and pink flowers.

Suiting Detail

You can keep a pale pink flower as a part of your boutonniere or buttonhole. You can also wrap it up with a pale pink ribbon and attach to your wedding suit. You can don a white or an ivory shirt underneath.

If you’re planning to accessorize your men’s wedding suit with a pocket square, then you can go ahead with an ivory handkerchief to match with the ivory shirt, or you can opt for a royal blue handkerchief to match with the royal blue tie.

We suggest accessorising your suit with mother of pearl buttons, which would absolutely go with the suit colours. For cufflinks you can go with a neutral colour in elegant design.

The groomsmen can follow the theme or opt for a darker shade of blue. The bridesmaids can wear pretty pale pink, blush or dusty pink dresses, teaming up with tiaras made of pink flowers.

Looking for a fabulous custom tailored men’s suit, tailored perfectly to your needs? Make a visit to our Sydney CBD showroom or Castle Hill office and you would definitely make for a happier groom!

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