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If you’re reading this, it’s highly probable that you’ve moved your 2020 wedding to 2021, isn’t it? In these trying times, let’s add in some colours to your wedding – one of the most beautiful moments of your life. 

This year in 2021, people are preferring darker shades of the colour palette. Olive is taking the front row in place of light green, royal blue is replacing sky blue, amber is shining in the spotlight instead of yellow and scarlet is sidelining red. These darker shades are brilliant choices, especially when it comes to spring and summer seasons.Read ahead for our top colour combination picks for your wedding theme:

  1.  Ruby and Emerald

Trust us, these colors might be on the opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to the colour palette, but when combined together in the right way, they complement and contrast each other so well that the whole theme gives off a romantic and charming vibe. This theme can be accentuated well when combined with wooden decor and earthy accents. 

Tip: You can pull off this theme the best if you’re planning for a country wedding, where all the different shades of greenery do half the work for you! The groom would look in a ruby tie paired with his custom made grey suit.

  • Amber and Burgundy

This combination is just perfect for you if you want a Bohemian style or a cool and trendy wedding theme. With proper lighting, these colours make the whole venue and ambience warm and vibrant, giving off a cosy vibe. Not only this, the stark contrast between these shades adds up some drama (in a good way) to the whole wedding.

Tip: This theme would work the best if you’re planning an outdoor Autumn wedding rather than keeping it indoors. Both the colours are such that they look their best when reflecting the bright, warm sunlight. The groom in a tailored burgundy Jacket with some Australian Native Boutonniere, will be the cherry on the cake!

  • Orange and Mustard

If you want a warm and cosy wedding vibe, then orange and mustard are the shades to go to. Mustard, when put together with orange, shines in the spotlight and makes the whole wedding vibe warm.You can accessories groom’s suit with a rusty orange tie or bow tie to bring the look together.

  • Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold remind us of one thing: Deep, blue, tranquil sea, with its waves crashing against the gold particles of sand. Make your wedding theme a beach one with the shades of blue and gold. Add ivory or buttercream to this beautiful combination, and you’ve got the whole beachy cool ambience. Consider adding stripe designs to the decor and the groom’s suit as well to go along with the theme. Choose darker shades of blue and gold, and you now get a whole new royal theme in your wedding. Pair up deeper shades of blue with metallic gold and you’re good to go.

Tip: Choose lighter shades of blue and gold for beach or bohemian themes, and darker shades of blue and metallic gold for a regal feel.

  • The Classic Scarlet and White

This is a classic romantic theme for your wedding. Contrast different shades of red with white, buttercream, off-white, and cream to lend a classy and hearty vibe to your wedding. We assure you that this would truly be a memorable event of your life. After all, red symbolises eternal love. The groom’s classic black custom made suit can have a scarlet tie!

Tip: Go with different shades of white and cream, and different shades of red, like blood red and scarlet to lend even more depth and contrast to the whole theme.

Final Toast

This year, go bold, go dark. There’s nothing like a dark color palette and striking contrasts which would make your wedding stand out and make its own statement. In 2021, bold is beautiful.

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