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1. Styling and Trends

Waves – That’s what trends actually are. If you fall too much for them, you’ll definitely get caught with them and get flooded away. Always, always go for the classic look.

  • Buttons – Don’t go for a one-button jacket, which is the current trend. 3-button one is a BIG no-no! A suit jacket with 2 buttons always gives the desired classic appeal.
  • Lapels – You have options when it comes to choosing the right lapel for your suit. You can either choose the peak, the shawl or the notch. But in order to achieve the classic business look, always opt for the notch lapel.
  • Pleats – There are trends, and then there are outdated practices. Don’t wear pants with pleats.
  • Vents – Choose the side or centre vents.

2. Colour, Colour, Which Colour Do You Choose?

Unlike the popular opinion, black shouldn’t be the first colour that you buy. It suits for too formal occasions, like marriage or funeral.

You can go for dark blue, charcoal or grey when you’re buying your first business suit.

Avoid buying light colours and bold patterns, as they are more suited to casual occasions or corporate beach parties.

3. Money Matters

Suits that fall into the lower range of prices are usually made with cheap quality canvas, and they are glued to the suit fabric. As you can feel from the sound of it, they never last long. What’s the point in investing so much of your effort, time and money too to get a suit that you end up wearing twice?

Invest in a good quality custom tailored business suit so that you can wear it in your meetings, and it still looks new!

Also, it’s always wise to avoid synthetic blends in the fabric. 100% wool fabrics last for an eternity.

4. Brands or Department Stores?

It’s highly recommended not to go for the branded suits, as you already know, when you buy a branded suit, you buy the brand, not the trust of quality.

Try to avoid department stores as well, as usually they are just licensed to sell their suits in the name of the brands, but it doesn’t give that brand’s quality assurance.

Buying a good suit piece (and by good, we mean actually good-quality), and getting it tailored at a good tailor house is the key.

5. Count the Passion

Seek people and houses in the tailoring business who are PASSIONATE about what they do. No matter where you live, we guarantee you that, unless it’s not pure country or a small town, you would always find good and locally known suit tailor shops which would be more than capable to cater to your needs.

Good tailors are those, who are more passionate about seeing you look good than you are for yourself!

Don’t cheap out in tailoring. Never, it would be like buying a top-notch house for yourself, but which doesn’t have any furniture or paintwork in it.

If you are looking for custom made suits in Sydney we would love to curate your business suit attire! Come visit us at our Sydney CBD showroom or Western Sydney office.

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