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Congratulations! If you are reading this blog, then chances are that your partner has said “Yes” to your magical proposal and you getting ready for the D-day! A lot of small and big details go into making your wedding a memorable one. While your partner might be taking care of most of the wedding planning as a groom you have an opportunity to shine on the day and focus on your presence at the wedding.

Let’s talk about the process and planning involved in buying a suit.
The process of planning your outfit should start 12-14 weeks before the wedding. Before you start shopping for the suit, we always recommend doing a bit of research online to get some style inspiration. With social media apps on our finger tips these days such as Instagram and Pinterest it should be easy to find some colour inspiration, or you can also look at our Wedding Suit Look book for some ideas for your wedding suit.

The next question every groom stumbles upon in the process of getting a wedding suit is to Rent or buy. If one is on a very tight budget, then renting a suit can be an option. Suit rental could cost between $200-$300. It might be a slightly cheaper option but things you need to keep in mind are –

  • You would not have it after the wedding
  • Hire suits are made to fit “most” shapes which means they are a classic fit and not a slim fit which is what most grooms want for their wedding
  • Most rental suits are made in wool blend or cheaper quality of fabrics

If you are willing to spend a bit more than rental budget, then you will get a suit then you can own that piece of clothing and wear it again. There is nothing better than a custom-tailored wedding suit. It’s a suit tailored to fit you like a glove with 1000’s of fabric and 100’s of styling options to choose from.

Think of Reuse When Buying the Wedding Suit

Unlike wedding dresses, there is an opportunity to re-wear your wedding suit. Which we think certainly is a good idea.
If you have an intention to reuse your wedding suit, then there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.
Pick a colour that is versatile in nature, such as Navy’s and grey’s that you can wear easily again for business meetings or other formal occasions.
The other thing to keep in mind would be the quality of fabric, opt for 100% wool fabrics. Reason being, they are far more breathable than blended wool fabric and durable as well.

Wedding Suit Options

There are a lot of other factors one needs to consider when picking a type of wedding suits. Such as venue, season, formal or informal.
Following are some broad choices for a groom’s wedding attire –

  • Morning suit – for a very formal wedding. Which usually comprises of long tail jacket, vest and trousers.
  • Tuxedo – Would make a perfect choice for a very formal wedding. A classic tux usually comes in 3 colours – Black, white and Navy and features a satin lapel.
  • pc Suit – A great choice for a contemporary groom. It’s a happy medium between style and tradition.

How to Choose a Fabric

When choosing the fabric quality, most important thing to keep in mind is season.
Autumn-Winter Wedding – for cooler months of the year, consider heavier fabrics in 100% wool. Fabrics such as Tweed, Cashmere wool and Flannel could work well in winters
Spring-Summer Weddings – again 100% wool fabrics are recommended but ensure they are light weight fabrics.

Suit Style

2pc Suit VS 3pc suit – the difference between 3pc suit and 2pc suit is the Waistcoat. The addition of vest it always a good idea for the groom’s suit.

3pc Wedding Suit works with most wedding themes – from garden weddings to Church weddings. Below are the number of advantages of opting for 3pc Suits instead of your run of the mill 2pc suit.

  • You stand out in sea of guests wearing 2pc suit at the wedding
  • We also recommend that as a groom you wear a 3pc suit and the groomsmen can be a in 2pc suit, so you are dressed more formally then the wedding party.
  • If it’s a spring summer wedding and if it’s a warm day and you decide to ditch the jacket you still manage to look spiffy in the waistcoat and trousers.

2pc Wedding Suit is best suited for beach weddings or weddings that are somewhat casual in nature. Pick a suit colour that can double up as a business suit after the wedding.

Off the Rack Suit VS Custom Tailored Suits

Off the rack suits are made for standard sizes in standard colours. Which means you will not have too many options for style or colour. But the biggest disadvantage if you ask us would be the fit. One may have to compromise on the fit of the suit when buying off the shelf. You could get a few things altered but even after spending the money, the chances are that your suit fit would be far from perfect.
Custom Tailored suits on the other hand are custom tailored to fit your size. Highly experienced pattern maker will create Individual paper pattern is created based on your precise body measurements. Once the suit is ready, you come in for a 2nd fitting to ensure the suit fits like a glove. Not just the fit with 5000+ fabrics and hundreds on customization options available if you have a style in mind, we can turn it into a reality with custom tailored suits. You won’t have to break a bank to own a perfectly fitted custom tailored suit. Our custom-tailored suits start from $599. We have 2 conveniently located showrooms one in Sydney CBD and another on in Western Sydney. Why not book in a no obligation appointment with our expert stylist today and see how we can help you to make your big day even more special!

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