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What Is The Difference Between Custom Tailored Shirt And Off The Rack Shirt?

We often get asked what is the difference between custom tailored shirt and ready-made off the rack shirts and we always give the same answer that it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Here are some quick pointers to help you differentiate between a off the rack shirt and a good quality custom tailored shirt-

Fit -First and foremost point of difference is the “Fit”. Just like a good quality suit, the fit of your business shirt is very important. You need a bespoke shirt to compliment your bespoke suit.But getting a shirt that fits you right can be a real pain as you need to find a shirt that has correct collar, sleeve measurement and fits you well on the body.

Off the rack shirts are made based on a standard sizing and the chances are you are compromising on the fit if you are buying a ready-made shirt.

Our Custom Tailored Business Shirts are made to body measurement so the shirt will fit you perfectly.

Fabric – The fabric used for shirt is very important. The shirt fabric must be durable, breathable and easy to iron. That is why good quality shirts must be made in 100% pure cotton and 2 ply Egyptian cotton. 100% Cotton is just pure 100% of the good stuff. 100% cotton shirts lets you breathe, it’s more comfortable and it lasts a LOT longer. Two-ply Egyptian cotton, which means two threads woven through the shirt, making it more durable, softer and less see-through!

Collar, placket and Cuff Canvas – thicker quality canvas is used in good quality bespoke shirts. Placket, collar and cuff of the shirt are fused to increase the life of your shirt.

Pattern Matching: Shirt is made of separate panels of fabric. On a well-tailored stripe or check shirt, the stripes and checks should be aligned at the seams as opposed to being messy and erratic.

Stitching: The best place to check the quality of the stitching on the shirt is the collar and side seams. There’s no hiding bad tailoring here – the stitching should be even and tight, especially around the point of the collar and double Stitching down both sides of the business shirt is always a sign of quality and durability.

At Bentex Suits, we do not like to compromise on the quality. Whether you need a business shirt, casual shirt or a dress shirt to match with your weddingsuit, with 1000+ shirt fabrics you will be spoilt for choice!