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blog-innerimg1It’s important to dress right for the occasion, especially for weddings. Even if one is not the groom or part of the wedding party one needs to dress to impress. It’s not only about what to wear but also about when to wear it. Under dressing can be rude and overdressing can be awkward and embarrassing. In this article we will take you thru definitions of the most popular formal wear terms for weddings.

White Tie/ Full Evening Dress –

This is ultra formal attire which comprises of black tail coat, black trousers with satin piping on the pant side seams, a white bow tie and a black top hat. “White Tie” weddings are quiet rare these days but you may be required to wear white tie for a gala or some other formal event.

Black Tie Only –

This indicates formal wedding, so you need to be in a tuxedo even if you are just a guest and not a part of the wedding party. A classic black tux with satin or grosgrain lapel, bow tie, cummerbund and satin striped trousers is what you need to wear.

Black Tie Preferred –

If you are not a part of the wedding party then you can get away with a dark colored suit – a black or a grey suit.

Black Tie Optional –

This dress code is most apt for daytime weddings. You could wear a tuxedo if you wish or decide to keep it simple yet sharp with a tweed, cotton or linen suit in dark earthy colors.

Formal –

Formal and black tie are not the same. Formal wear stands for a


complete suit with cuff link and tie. So if a wedding invitation reads Formal then go with a 2pc or a 3pc suit (with a vest).

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