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blog-innerimg1Depending on your physical personality, different styles may flatter or falter. Tall men are some of the most neglected in fashion. If you are 6 feet plus here are some tips to help you looking your best.

  • Mix up colors, as contrasting colors will break you up visually. A 6 feet plus tall man in a all black suit with matching shirt will end up looking like a pole. However, if you break up your outfit with different but complimenting colors, the same man is able to create balance in his figure and create a strong style statement.
  •  When buying your next business suit, try lapels with their wider incarnations and pair the suit up with wider width and bold pattern neckties. Try and avoid skinny ties and opt for belts, watches and ties that are bigger in width.
  • Horizontal lines: instead of plain suiting materials or pinstripes go for some subtle horizontal lines, which will help you fill out and create the illusion of width.
  •  Big and Bold patterns: Tall, thin men benefit from checks and windowpanes as they large frame will prevent these bold patterns from overpowering your body and face.
  • Double Breasted Suit – Your secret weapon is the double-breasted suit, a classic look. On tall men the extra fold of fabric across the torso will add depth and its old-fashioned elegance will ensure you look your best.
  •  3pc Suit When suiting up tall men should consider a 3pc suit as the waistcoat will break up the entire look on your frame. 3pc suit can also be a perfect choice for formal suits for tall men.

How can we help?? With the height tall men are blessed with, chances are you may not find an off-the-rack suit that fits you well. We specialize in custom made suits that will be made to your measurements. With 3000+ fabrics to choose from, our experts will help you design a suit that not only suits your personality but will fit you perfectly too!

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