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blog-innerimg1We sincerely wish all our readers had luxury of buying all the suits needed (that would mean more business for us!!) but unfortunately, not all of us have won jack pots to have this luxury and we only buy a tailor made suit every couple of years. Good Quality custom tailored suits are like an investment and you need invest carefully and wisely. Here is your investment guide on how you should invest, which colour suits should you buy –

1.    Navy Suit –
Navy suit comes first in our list of must have as it is the most versatile. Navy works well for all formal affairs from wedding suits to job interviews.  Opt for single breasted and solid colored navy suit.

blog-innerimg22.    Charcoal Suit –
Charcoal suit is to man’s wardrobe what little black dress is to a women’s wardrobe. With a charcoal and navy suit in your wardrobe and great mix of shirts and interesting ties you can create various looks.

blog-innerimg23.    Beige or Khaki Suit –
A Beige or Khaki suit is a suit that one can wear during spring and summer for a dress down look. You can team a light colored jacket with a pair of jeans for a casual look.  If you want to experiment and tired of a 2 button single breasted suit, opt for a double breasted light colored suit. Linen fabric is highly recommended this must have light colored suit.

4.    Black Suit –
Most men buy a black suit as their first suit even though it has limited usage. Black suit is always referred as “funeral suit” but black suits are not only worn to funerals. Black suits look very sharp for weddings especially in a tuxedo.

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