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blog-innerimg1For some of us the concept of pocket square is a little odd because it’s a useless piece of fabric but someone who has a sense of style would know everything in clothing does not have to be functional, some things are there to add a bit of flair.

A bit of history behind pocket squares is that they only became popular during the renaissance period. Pocket squares are not just a piece of fabric but are a style statement. Here is why we think you should start wearing them.

Self-Expression – Pocket square is the easiest way to stand apart from the crowd. It is excellent way to bold without being too out there. Pocket square add a dash of uniqueness to your suit

blog-innerimg2Join the League of most dapper men – all most all of Hollywood’s sharp dressers had adorned a pocket square. It’s a way of adding your personal touch to the same old suit.

Easy to Wear & Easy to get rid off – Pocket squares are an accessory that is easy to wear and easy to take off. If there is a moment you feel you do not want much attention, you can just slip the pocket square in your pocket.

Great accessory for Wedding Suits – your wedding is your special day and you want to look your best in your wedding suit. Groom can match his pocket square with the bride’s dress and the groomsmen can match their pocket squares with the bridesmaids. It’s as simple as that. One small piece of fabric can make all the difference and co-ordinate the whole look a lot more.

blog-innerimg2Easy to Procure – Some fashion accessories can be very expensive but thankfully pocket square is not one of them. One can seek out interesting fabrics and prints at affordable men’s wear stores.

Hopefully this will convince you to wear a pocket square at special occasions be it weddings or important work meeting. We, at Bentex Suits stock a lot of pocket squares at affordable prices. That’s not it some of our tailor made suits come with In-built pocket squares. Visit our Sydney CBD studio or Western Sydney office to know more about custom made suits and accessory options.

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