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We all know how important it is for the suit to fit right. We have discussed some of the fitting issues on your jacket previously here and now it’s time to talk about some other equally important fit issues that you need to watch out for when you are buying your next suit.

Suit Collar – Your suit collar must follow the line of your shirt collar. If there is a gap between your shirt collar and jacket collar then the fit is not right. The gap between your shirt collar and jacket collar is also called as “Parole Gap”, so in other words make sure there is  no Parole Gap, suit collar be glued back to the shirt collar at all times.

Just a quick 4 pointers for your suit jacket fit would be –

  • Make sure there is no dreaded Cross when you button up your suit.
  • Shoulder of your jacket should not be bumpy, it should be same length as your shoulder blade.
  • Make sure jacket sleeve length is right, you should be able to see ½” off your sleeve cuff thru your jacket sleeve
  • There should be no “Parole Gap”, make sure collar of your jacket is stuck together with the shirt collar.

If you get the jacket fit right it is half battle won, trouser fit is not as complicated as jacket fit.

blog-innerimg1Trouser Waist – Make sure the waist of the trousers should be comfortable yet snug.  Trousers must stay on even if without a belt.

Trouser Length – The correct length for your trouser is when the trousers fall straight down the leg and hem falls right on top of your shoe laces. Make sure there are no creases or wrinkles. Wondering about the break? It is a personal choice, some men prefer full break and some prefer medium break. We always recommend medium break and ask our clients to avoid full break.

Hope with the above pointers you will be making an informed choice when you buy your next suit. A well fitted suit is designed to bring out a man’s best features and if the suit is ill fitted then it can do the opposite, so make sure you buy a suit that fits you well.

Now buying an off the rack suit that fits you perfectly can be an uphill task as they are based on standard measurements and more than likely you don’t fall in the standard category! Buying off the rack suit will not only cost you a lot of your time in hunting for the suit that fits you right but also same amount of money as custom tailored well fitted suits from Bentex Suits.

Buying a good quality off the rack suit and getting it altered to your measurements can mean you are spending more. So save all the hassle and look at getting yourself a custom tailored suit. Our custom tailored business suits come with a perfect fit guarantee.

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