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blog-innerimg1A Quick Look at Men’s Suit Cuts

A suit can be worn on many occasions so it the most appropriate item to have in a man’s wardrobe. A man with a personal style and fashion sense will look million bucks in a good quality suit. A men’s suit is made up of jacket and a pair of trousers.

There are many different kinds of suits available from heavy winter suits to casual linen suits and business suits to super formal tuxedos.

Men’s suits also come if different cuts, these cuts will determine the look of your suits. These 3 major “cut of suits” have been named after the countries they originated in.


  • Italian Cut – a slim fitted single breast jacket featuring 2 buttons with no side vent typifies this cut.
  • English Cut – A long hourglass body with 2 or 3 buttons featuring side vents. The idea behind having 2 side vents to give the wearer extra room specially when they are riding horses.
    • American Cut – this is the more casual cut of the 3 cuts as it is a more roomy and relaxed fit usually featuring 3 buttons and single vent.

Deciding the cut of your suit will depend largely on your personal taste and style.

You can buy suits in 3 different ways –

Custom Tailored or Bespoke suits – Custom Tailored suits are made from scratch base don your measurements where master tailor creates a pattern from scratch and hand makes the suits for you.

Made To measure suits – These are pre made suits where some measurements are adjusted to meet your body measurements. For example the trouser or the sleeve length is altered. These suits can only be altered to a certain level, which means they will still not be as good as bespoke suits.

Off the Rack suits – Off the wrack suits are based on standard sizing measurements, which will mean that they will not conform to the sizing of the wearer.

blog-innerimg2In our next blog we will discuss more about the Custom Tailored suits and

why they are worth every penny you spend on them.

Image Courtesy – www.prestigethemanstore.com

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