Your Guide To Sports Jackets

blog-innerimg1 Friday being mufti day for most offices in the CBD we all struggle to achieve the well balanced business casual look. Men’s sports jacket could be the answer for the smart casual look you are trying to achieve. You can hang it on the chair for most part of the day and put it in when going for a meeting or lunch or even your Friday night drinks with office mates.

Why just casual Friday, sports jackets can create a dignified, reliable look for self-employed men or folks who move from office to factory floor to construction site. Sports jacket is a perfect replacement for men’s suits outside of the business district. It is stylish and yet practical option for men who want to dress to

Why should you invest in a Sports Jacket?

We, at Bentex Suits firmly believe that sports jacket is iconic piece of clothing every man must own.
A well-tailored sports jacket will pull together any look from business casual to a dinner date.

Pair your sports jacket with a business shirt, trousers and tie you are ready for office or swap the business shirt for white T-shirt, ditch the tie, wear your sports jacket with chinos or jeans and you are ready for a casual event.


Sports jacket come in variety of fabrics and colours and usually worn with contrasting pants unlike men’s suits. So try and pick jacket colours that are easy to put together. For example, Navy, Grey and Tan coloured sports jackets can be easily paired with Jeans, chinos and casual pants.

Wool is the most popular fibre for sports jacket but for warmer climates linen, wool blends and corduroy are the most effective alternatives. What differentiates sports jackets from the blazers is the patterned fabric, so try to stay clear off solid colours and look for patterns such as tweed, plaid, checks and herringbone.

A well-tailored sports jacket is a versatile piece of clothing that will give a sharp and handsome look from variety of casual to semi-formal events.


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September 11, 2017

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