Winter Warmers – How To Layer Your Winter Suit

blog-innerimg1Winter is here, we will definitely miss sun, sand and surf. But we all have to agree dressing up in winters is far more fun than summer at least we won’t be sweating thru a T-shirt.

We have had the coldest winter morning in last five years and it is going to stay for next 3 months so fellas it’s time to layer up and look smart this winter season.

Vest –



The most stylish way to find extra warmth would be by adding a vest underneath a jacket. This will not only boost the formality of the suit but also grab a few eye balls. Suit worn with vest is also known as a 3pc suit. Vest can be worn in 2 different ways. Option 1 is a matching vest with the business suit, which will transform the look from being a regular 2pc business suit. Our suggestion would be to get a V neck vest with 5 buttons instead of the popular 3. 5 button vest is a bit more closed in which will give you that extra warmth in the cold months.

You want to up your style quotient then opt for a contrasting vest instead of a matching vest with the suit. It can be trickier but it’s a risk that will pay off if done correctly! Vest can be contrasting in colour for example and don your navy suit with a grey vest, a classic contrast combo. Or if you want to create a memorable monotone look then pick a light grey vest matching with charcoal suit. Your options are not limited to playing with colors, you can also choose contrasting patterns for your vest to create an interesting 3pc winter suit look.

V Neck Jumper –


V neck jumper is another way of adding an extra layer in the cooler months. At Bentex we have always believed in quality over quantity so when you are shopping for V neck jumpers invest in pure wool or cashmere wool jumpers if your budget permits. Natural fabric jumpers ten to fall better on body and are not too thick so you can wear the jacket with it. Our top 3 jumper colour pick would be Navy, grey and charcoal. They are easy to match with your suits, jeans as well as chinos.

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September 11, 2017

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