In previous blog we have discussed different fabrics and accessories that go into making a perfect vintage suit and in today’s article we will discuss some other accessories that would make your vintage wedding unforgettable!

Velvet –

Velvet is an opulent fabric that evokes romance. A velvet suit is rich, elegant and straight out of fairy tale books. But may not be everyone’s cup of tea but use it to accessories your suit, may be the buttons can be done in velvet or the vest in velvet or suit can feature a velvet lapel or a velvet bow tie!

Cravat –

Cravat is an alternative to the bow tie. Just as dapper as the bow tie, will give your wedding suit that extra touch of vintage charmblog-innerimg2

Hats –

Vintage suit is incomplete without the addition of the hat. So whether it is a boater, bowler or fedora, a hat is a perfect accessory for a dapper vintage groom.

Brogues –

Shoes make an outfit and that applies to both brides and grooms. It is important you have footwear that spells vintage. Brogues have an old world style charm and will compliment your vintage wedding suit perfectly.

Pocket Watch –

They say God is in detail, there could be no better finishing touch than a vintage pocket watch to your wedding suit.
blog-innerimg2What do you think, can you see yourself rocking in the above mentioned looks? If you are going the vintage way for your wedding suit then we sure can help you with our custom made wedding suits. We will help you design a perfect wedding suit whether it is a 3pc suit or just vest and trousers. Book an appointment now at our western Sydney office or CBD studio to get your custom made Wedding suit.




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September 11, 2017

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