Tailored Shirts For Men With Wide Necks

Well it is not easy to find a well fitted shirt, some men have more trouble than the others. Specially men with wide necks. To get the fit of the neckline right you have to buy shirts that are larger in size. Buying larger shirts isn’t really the solution of this problem as larger the shirt the risk of it being baggy around chest and stomach. There is nothing worse than an ill fitted shirt as it makes you look bulkier than you actually are.

Let’s look at celebrities who have wide necks but still manage to wear well fitted suits and shirts that make them look sharp. We all love Sylvester Stallone and we all know he still has the large Rambo build but manages to look sharp every time he steps out wearing his suits and shirts and friends the credit must go his tailor.


Another celebrity who greatly benefits from his well-tailored suits and shirts is Dwayne Johnson. He wears his well fitted shirts that fit him perfectly on the neck without being too big in the body.



If you have similar fit issues with your shirts and wondering where you could get shirts that fit you well on both your neck and body then the answer is simple get your shirts tailor made.

Tailor made shirts are made from scratch based on your measurements unlike off the rack shirts where the measurements are based on average sizing.

Well, most men always think that tailored shirts are expensive but with Bentex Suits we can solve this problem too, we have tailored dress shirts at high street prices. Our Custom made shirt prices start from $99.


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September 11, 2017

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