Mens Shirt Collars

Men’s shirt collars come different shapes, sizes and colors. Collars play an important role in framing the face. So next time when you are getting a tailor made shirt make sure you pick the collar shape that is right because right collar on the right face shape is a sight to behold.

There are 2 main types of collars –
Turn Down Collars
Wing Tip Collars


Let’s look at popular Turn Down Collars

Classic Straight Point collar – This type of collar has small spread between the collar point. This collar type is most suitable for round faced men as it makes the face look less plump.



Button Down Point Collar – These collars have buttons on tip of each collar point. This particular type of collar is mostly seen on casual shirts. Not that you cannot wear this collar with a tie but it is most appropriate for men who want to leave their tie behind.

The spread collar or cut away collar – this is also a category in the turn down collars. Like the name suggests the collar points are wider apart when compared to point collar. The spread between the collar is also gives you enough room for a double Windsor knot. This type of collar is best suited for thin and long faced men.

Medium Spread Collar – a cousin of classic point collar. In this type of collar the spread is medium if you have always worn point collars and want to explore into spread collars, this might be the safest bet for you.

Classic Spread Collar – This collar is a classic in the bespoke suit service. Best suited for thin faced gentleman. This collar type has been made popular by Hollywood celebrities and English royalty.

Wing Collar – This type of collar is reserved for men’s formal wear such as tuxedos and dinner jackets. It features short collar which resembles a mandarin collar with 2 small wings which are tucked behind the bow tie.

Wondering what face type are you and which collar to pick for your next business shirt. Why not make an appointment and let us make the perfect business shirt for you.


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September 11, 2017

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