How Your Suit Should Fit

blog-innerimg1There is nothing better than a well fitted suit be it your wedding suit or business suit, it is important that the suit fits you perfectly. Below are some keynotes you must hit when you wear your suit –

Jacket length – It is very important to get the jacket length right. An ideal jacket length should cover man down to where the butt starts to curve back inward. Or if you are standing in your natural stance then the bottom of your jacket should be in level with your knuckles or just past where the fingers meet the palm


Shirt Cuff – About 1cm off your shirt cuff must be visible with your jacket on. This is just a guideline anything between 1cm to 2cm is acceptable. What you need to be careful about is that the suit sleeve does not rise above where the cuff is joined to sleeve, cuff seam should not be visible.

Jacket Shoulder – Shoulder should always sit flat on a well fitted jacket. Shoulder seam on your jacket needs to be same length as shoulder bone. If the shoulder is too small it will have ripples on the sleeve.

Trouser Length – Correct length trouser should have one break. A break is a small fold at the bottom of your trouser. If the trouser is too short your socks will show and if the trouser is too long you will get a few breaks at the bottom.


Jacket Button _ Jacket button should never pull and form a cross mark when you button up the jacket, this is a sign which means the jacket is too tight. You should be able to put a flat palm in between of your jacket and shirt when jacket is buttoned up, if it is too loose then it will make you look very bulky.

It is almost impossible to find a suit that fits you perfectly, the only way to find a perfect fitting suit is to get a tailor made suit. So if you are someone who loves their well fitted suit as much as we do, please book an appointment


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September 11, 2017

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