How To Dress Down Your Suits

blog-innerimg1Many times we have our clients asking us how can they get more wear out of their custom tailored suits? For most people suit wear is limited to the office wear and occasional social events such as weddings. Well you cannot wear your suit to the pub or other casual events unless you dress it down. Once you have mastered the art of dressing down your suits you will be surprised that you can wear it practically everywhere

Minus the Tie –

One of the most popular trends on TV these days is to lose the tie. By that we don’t mean you open up the buttons. The trend is to wear button up shirt but minus the tie.

Minus the Shirt –

blog-innerimg2This can be done in few multiple ways –

Replace your formal shirt with a casual sweat shirt. Keep it clean and simple. This look will showcase class and sophistication.
Replace your shirt with a T-shirt. Opt for a sloid color T-shirt to begin with and as you master the art you can look at patterned T-shirts to match with your business suits and be able to wear it casually and not just to work.
Replace your formal business shirt with a denim or casual check shirt.

This will add additional texture and character to your suit and remember NO tie.

Minus the Shoes –

One of the latest Sartorial trends is to dress down your suit with runners. Do not even think of wearing your custom made suit with your regular sports shoes. Invest in a nice pair of runner shoes and you will be quiet the heard turner!

Minus the suit Pants –

Now we don’t mean you lose them completely instead wear your suit jacket with a pair of jeans or chinos. Accessorize your look with a nice pocket square and you will be ready to take on the world.

All the above dressing down your suits will also add a hint of individuality to your dressing style. Now that we have shown you how you can wear your suit in many different ways and get worth of every penny you have invested in your wedding suit or business suit. It’s probably time to buy one more suit. We have offices located in Sydney, Western Sydney and Melbourne. Please come and visit us!

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