Guide To Mens Suit Jacket Style – Part 3

blog-innerimg1They say God is in detail. The power of well-dressed man lies in the quality of well-tailored suit. Finer details of your suit are what make you stand part from the rest.  With that being said the buttons of your jacket sleeves speak a lot about your suit and your attention to detail. Perhaps the most well known feature of a high quality suit and one of the hallmark details of custom suiting are “Working Cuffs”

Read on below to find out the difference between non-working buttons and working buttons, also know as surgeon cuff.

Non-Working Buttons – This is what you see on off the rack suits. These mass produced suits have non working buttons which are attached on sleeves just for decoration purpose to make the suit manufacturing both time and cost effective.

Working Buttons or Surgeon Cuffs – Working buttons as the name suggests have sleeve buttons that work and are functional. Jacket with working buttons on sleeves allow you to roll up your sleeves instead of having to take your jacket off. Working buttons are a sign of bespoke tailoring. They are typically found of bespoke suits, tailor made suits or high-end garments.

With Bentex Suits you not only get Working Buttons with all our tailor made suits but also have option of what kind of working buttons you want.

Non – Kissing Buttons – In this type the buttons, buttons are not touching each other.

Kissing Non Stacked Buttons – These buttons slightly touch each other but not overlapping each other.

Kissing Stacked Buttons – They are also known as waterfall buttons. These buttons slightly overlap each other. They are a signature detail of Italian suits. It is a sheer work of art to have buttons stacked in such a way that they perfectly overlap.

With Custom made suits it’s up to your style preference weather you prefer kissing of non-kissing buttons. Some gentlemen prefer the handmade look of stacked kissing buttons and other like the classic appeal of non-kissing buttons.

So when designing your business suit or wedding suit with us you need to remember a tailor made suit is about customizing the suit for you so don’t be afraid to have fun with suit design and show your personality once in a while.


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September 11, 2017

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