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blog-innerimg1We have discussed men’s suits colors in past, now let’s move on to Patterned suits. While plain suits such as navy, black and charcoal are must haves in your wardrobe, patterned suits bring some relief from the monotony of plain business suits. While most patterned suits are considered less formal than plain suits, pinstripes and herringbone would be exception to this.

If you are not sure about which pattern classifies as formal or less casual, the rule of thumb here would be the smaller the pattern more formal it is and large scaled or broad patterns such as windowpanes are less formal.



Pin Stripe Suits –
If you want a suit that is formal yet patterned then go for a pin stripe suit. Pin stripe suits are considered to be uniform for businessmen especially for those who are in sales. Opt for pinstripes instead of chalk stripes and pin stripes are more classic and will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Pinstripes also make the wearer look taller and slimmer.

Bird Eye and Nail Head Suits –
These patterns have tiny dot pattern. Bird eye and nail head patterns can be worn as business suits same way as the stripes suits. Both these patterns are very small and that is why are not casual in nature like the checks or windowpanes


Herringbone Suits –
Herringbone pattern features arrow shaped pattern. This pattern can be worn on most occasions as a business suit or a wedding suit. It is a more of a winter suit fabric as the pattern and the weave creates a heavy fabric.

Checks/ Tartan Suit –
Plaid or check suits usually feature big/bold checks. These suits are suitable for country wear or weekend wear. Check patterns also work very well on sports jackets in saying that one may get checked suit for business suit if they want to be  bit more adventures with the business suits.

These are our 2 cents on patterned suits. Looking to add a bit of texture to your otherwise plain colored suit wardrobe with our 5000+ fabrics now is the time to get tailor made suit with us.


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September 11, 2017

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