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Beach weddings are great! Calm, relaxed, full on sun sand and fun. We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and are surrounded by great beaches all around us. Summer is great time to get married and what better place than a calm and beautiful beach to take your wedding vows. Beach weddings are usually less formal and lend themselves to casual dressing for groom and the groomsmen.

One can still look ultra-suave if they dress correctly keeping the wedding location in mind. Today I will give you my 2 cents on what are your wedding suits option for beach wedding.


Option 1 – Linen Suits –
Linen suits are well suited for beach wedding, pick some natural colors such as tans, beige and white even a light blue would look lovely. Pick colors for your suit keeping wedding theme and your bride’s attire in mind.

Option 2 – Linen Pants, Shirt and Vest –
If you know you can’t handle the heat too well and want to look stylish without wearing the jacket and then opt for trousers and vest instead for a suit. Add a bit of character to your wedding suit by adding a nice colorful pocket square

Option 3 – Linen Pants and Shirt –
A white tailored linen pant worn together with a crisp white tailor made shirt is a look that one cannot go wrong with. Instead of getting a plain white off the rack shirt, add a bit personality to the shirt by adding printed cuffs or printed inside collars in paisley or check fabrics. To show off the cuff and collar detail wear your collar open and roll up your sleeves.


Option 4 – Shirts, shirt and Jacket –
A funky look that one can consider is to wear a pair of beige tailored shorts with a white shirt and beige or dark color blazer. This look is a bit different and will give it a touch of light heartedness to the wedding without being too formal!

Option 5 – Sailor Look –
If you have a sailing theme for your beach wedding, get a pair of navy tailor made shorts and pair it with crisp white shirt and pinstripe sports jacket

If you want to add a bit more flare to your outfits, accessories with quirky beach themed cuff links, fedora hat, star fish, shell boutonnieres, tropical flowers and nautical ribbons.

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September 11, 2017

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