A Guide To Mens Suit Jacket Style – Part 2

blog-innerimg1In our last blog post we discussed about buttons, vents and jacket breast style and this post we will discuss Jacket lapels. What is the difference between peak, notch and shawl lapels?  So there is a visual difference between the three but do you need to keep the occasion or your built in mind before you decide on the lapel of your jacket. Shall we get started?

When deciding on your lapel, one must consider following factors –

Type of suit – rule number one – not all lapels work with all kinds of suits. For example tuxedos look best with shawl lapels and double-breasted suits with peak

Occasion/Setting – Occasion and setting of the event will determine the type of suit you wear and also the suit style and suit lapel. So if its black tie event then it is a tuxedo with a shawl lapel, if it is a business suit and then Notch lapel would work better.

Body Type – It is the game of proportions. If you are a slimmer gent then opt for slimmer lapels, so your body is the ultra important factor is choosing the right lapel and lapel widths for you.

3 Lapels every man should know –

Notch lapel – it is the most versatile lapel and most common one as well. It works best on single-breasted suits, sport jackets, over coats and business suits. A notch lapel suit is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. If you are going to have only 1 suit then it has to be a notch lapel suits, can’t ever go wrong!

Notch lapel works for all body types, with our tailor made suits and one-on-one styling session our styling experts will recommend you the width of the lapel depending on your body type

Our tip – if you have slim frame then go for a slim notch lapel with a slim tapered suit. It’s a chick magnet ensemble for the bar!

blog-innerimg2Peak Lapel – it is also known as the pointed lapel. It is more formal than your notch lapel and a little less formal than your shawl lapel. Traditionally peak lapels were work with tailcoats and morning coats. If you want to add a bit of flare to your business suit or your wedding suit then pick peak lapel. Peak lapels can give you some extra height as the peak lapel can create an elongating effect
Like slim notch lapel, opt for slim peak lapels if you have small frame, again it needs to be proportional to your built.
Our Tip – Double breasted suit with a peak lapel, pin stripe suit and peak lapel are some killer combinations.

Shawl lapel – A lapel with a rounded edge often seem with tuxedos. Shawl lapel looks best on formal wedding suit and black tie events. You will hardly ever find shawl lapel on casual or business suits. Even though Tuxedos and shawl lapels are a marriage made in fashion heaven try avoiding shawl lapel if you have a round face. Instead opt for a peak lapel tuxedo.

Our Tip – wear your shawl lapel tuxedo with panache and you are ready to pick an Oscar or two!
So weather you are looking to get a wedding suit with shawl lapel for yourself or get a business suit made with a notch lapel, with our one-on-one styling session, perfect fit guarantee and 5000+ fabrics, you will be in a suit heaven!


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September 11, 2017

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