7 Deadly Sins Of Suiting

Pleated Trousers –
It’s a complete NO NO for trousers, because they will make you look 20 pounds heavier and make you look like you are ready to time travel.

They could be acceptable only if you are a senior gentleman by which we mean over 70 or if you are a big bloke and prefer that extra room in your trousers. If you don’t make it into either of the categories then pleated trousers are completely unacceptable.

3 Button Suit –
The usual norm for jackets is 2 buttons. It’s the safest option and works on most body types. 1 Button is popular with tuxedos or Italian Blazers. And 3 button jacket is one of the deadliest sins and can be almost fatal if you are a short guy. 3 button jacket is only acceptable for taller blokes, who are over 6 foot 4 inches.



No Back Vent –
Most suits these days either feature a single vent or a double vent. Single vent is a slit at centre of the suit jacket and works well on most body types.

Double vent as the name suggests has 2 slits at the back, is most comfortable option but if you are a bloke with big rear end, we would advise you to avoid 2 back vents.

No vents are only seen on tuxedos or formal jackets but are not common these days as they can be quiet uncomfortable special while sitting.

Long Suit Jackets –
This is another one of the deadliest sins of suiting. A long jacket makes you look shorter than you are. Make sure you get jacket length right.

Shawl Lapel on Business Suit –
A big thumbs down! Shawl lapels are reserved for formal suits such as tuxedos and dinner jackets or even on your wedding suit. A business suit with Shawl lapel can look a little out of place if you ask us.


Low Crotch –
Young boys may love their low riding jeans but your suit pants can’t be done the same way. Suit pants must be worn on right on your waist and the crotch should be the right length as well.

Accessorizing your Suit – Less is more –
Keep it simple, keep it classic. It’s good to accessorize your suit but you need to know how and where to do it. So before you start accessorizing your suit with tie pins and pocket squares. Our suggestion would be to get the basics right first. This means getting a perfectly fitted tailor made suit and shirt.

So if you want to start with basic and avoid the 7 deadly sins of suiting come and visit us at our CBD studio or Western Sydney office.


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September 11, 2017

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