blog-innerimg1The lines between sports jacket, blazers and suit jackets are blurring so here we are answering all your questions.
What is a sports jacket?
Sports jacket are jackets with patterns worn casually with jeans, chinos or casual pants.
What is a Blazer?
Blazers are usually solid in color and feature contrasting buttons
What is a suit Jacket?
A suit Jacket is jacket that has matching suit pants and has tonal buttons on it.
What should you Pair your Sports Jacket / Blazer / Suit Jacket with:
Sports Jacket –
Consider your trouser choices carefully when wearing your sports jacket. Never pair it with trousers that are even closely matching to the sports jacket. A sports jacket is an odd jacket designed to be single so if you paired it with matching trouser will make you look like you are wearing a mismatched suit.
Khaki, brown, beige or Tan cotton trousers would work well with your sports jacket, they will complement the sports jacket perfectly at the same time will not take the lime light away from the sports jacket, which is the purpose of wearing a sports jacket.
Some fashion critics may not agree but when done tastefully you can even wear your sports jacket with jeans!
Blazer –
If you want to achieve effortless style in an instant then wear a pair of jeans with your blazer. The rule of thumb here is the contrast between the blazer and pair of jeans in a must. Never wear same shades of blue jeans with your navy blazer. A 3 or 4 shades lighter jeans or even a red jeans can look uber chic!

You can also pair your Blazer with summer trousers. Summer pants are cotton pants done in white or beige pants.
Suit Jacket –
You should wear your Suit jacket only with your suit pants.
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