blog-innerimg2They say Blue is the new black especially when it comes to men’s suiting. It is versatile in winter, summer, corporate or for pleasure.

Most men own a navy suit so the task is how to wear a Navy suit and make it interesting. So let’s take a look at how to wear the navy suit right –

The Color –

Well a look around major fashion forward cities in the world suggested that blue is the new navy. Which may not be every man’s cup of tea but when choosing your navy suit make sure it is not so dark that you need to look closely to see if its navy or black. Always choose right shade of navy that also suits your skin tone.
The Shirt –
The rules are fairly simple here, stick to a crisp white, light shades of blue or pink tailor made shirts with your navy suit to create a bit of contrast and let your Navy suit do all the talking.
The Tie –
Did we mention that slim is the way to go, same rule applies to the ties as well. A skinny tie and slim fit suit is a match made in fashion heaven.
The Shoes –
When it comes to footwear choices both brown and black are fine. This is a different story that at Bentex we are biased towards pairing of brown shoes with your Navy suit. If you are going the brown shoe way, here is the golden rule – the darker the navy the darker the brown shoes need to be.

Don’t worry if you are not sold on tan shoes with Navy suits, black shoes can still nail the look.

The Accessory –

At Bentex Suits, we love are pocket squares. You can accessories your navy suit with your choice of color, pattern or even fold of the pocket square. Some times less is more so if you want to go the minimalist route than match your pocket square with your shirt and go for the square fold.
You may call us biased but nothing works like a Tailored Suit. Why not visit our Sydney Studio and get your perfect fitting suit from us.