blog-innerimg1The popular novel was all about whips and chains, but in this article you won’t find any of it except some tie color options to match the grey suit.We all know black suits are timeless and classic and then there are navy suits which have been very popular off lately; between the black suit and the navy suit the humble and versatile grey suits are getting a bit lost. We don’t want that to happen. So folks, let’s bring our attention to the 3 shades of grey suits we lust for and want every stylish man to own them –

Light Grey – Perfect option as summer suit to work or as an evening function suit. A risqué option but crowd pleaser as it will stand out from the pool of all the dark colour suits.

Charcoal grey – Charcoal grey is the new Black suit, an absolute must have in a man’s wardrobe. You can wear it to work or to weddings and other special occasions life has to offer.


Grey pattern Suit – the third grey suit for us would be a patterned grey suit. From a herringbone to nail heard to windowpane your options are unlimited. A pattered suit brings in the texture to your wardrobe that is missing in most men’s closet.

Grey Suit Styling Options –

It’s not only about experimenting with the colour but also style. Why not have a grey 3pc suit, perfect for the autumn/winter season. Would not only keep you warm but add that touch of sophistication.

blog-innerimg2How to Wear It –

Shoes – Charcoal or dark grey suits are less forgiving when it comes to shoe options. Here your choices are a bit limited to black shoes. Make sure they are nice and shiny. Light Grey Suits can be worn with black or brown shoes. The light to dark grey suits offers a bit more freedom when it comes to shoes. The golden rule here is the lighter the shade of grey, the lighter the shade of brown for shoes. If you have a dark grey suit then you can wear dark brown or black shoes with it. Want to know more about how to match shoes, read it here

Shirts – Pair your grey suits with brighter colors like light blue, pink and purple and of course the crisp white shirt

Keep your sartorial choices interesting by adding couple of different shades of grey your wardrobe. And nothing matches the sophistication and the finish of tailor made grey suit, we stock 5000+ fabrics so we are certain you will find more than 50 shades of grey to choose from.